Between the heavens and the sea is
       The Hilltop Works
At The Hilltop Works boat building and restoration is done for major projects as well as general repair.  Patrick Sebrey’s wide range of knowledge and expertise provides full service for on-site vessels.  Electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems repair and installation is our specialty.

Subcontracting is arranged on an individual basis by contacting Patrick Sebrey for consultation and estimate.

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Wooden boat building and restoration:

The Hilltop Works is a family run boat shop.  Patrick Sebrey provides a haven for wooden boats from creation to restoration.
Infant and Children Sign Language Instruction:

All Day Workshops are geared to the parents, caregivers, and educators of preverbal children.  Research shows babies that sign have higher IQs, larger vocabularies, and increased self esteem.  ONE DAY can change your baby’s life FOREVER!
Wellness:  A State of Balance

Leann Sebrey RN is our Wellness Consultant and has been a nurse for 25 years.
Addressing health issues with an integrative approach, effective and comprehensive teaching and healing is offered.

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