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Infant and Toddler Sign Language
Workshops are geared to parents, caregivers, and educators of hearing preverbal children.  Research and experience show that signing babies actually speak earlier, have higher IQs and larger vocabularies, and show increased self esteem.  American Sign Language skills, 200 – 250 signs, techniques for teaching preverbal children sign, and tips for successful application to home, daycare, and classroom environments are addressed.  
Leann Sebrey RN is our instructor.  She is nationally recognized as a member of Sign with your BABY Presenters’ Network, and has lectured throughout the country.  Leann is fluent in sign, ASL her second language since the age of six. She is the mother of four wonderful children and is pictured with son Sean, who at 17 months of age has a vocabulary which includes approximately 100 signs.  Leann and Patrick Sebrey now present Infant & Toddler Sign Language Workshops throughout New England and the east coast islands.  Feel free to contact The Hilltop Works to arrange a program in your area or for private instruction.

The Very Best Thing for Your Baby, Using American Sign Language With Hearing Infants and Toddlers by Leann Sebrey goes to print April 2005

*All Day Infant & Toddler Sign Language Workshops:  
Second family member – FREE materials shared.  
Scholarships available with prior approval by The Hilltop Works-Wellness Center.
Workshop times   9:30am – 4:00pm (except 4/21/2005  10:00am-4:30pm)   
2/24/05  Thompson Community Center – Corner of Rt. 131S & Rt. 17 Union, ME
3/12/05  Portland Public Library – 5 Monument Sq. Portland, ME.  Room 316
4/22/05  Thompson Community Center – Corner of Rt. 131S & Rt. 17 Union, ME
4/30/05  Portland Public Library – 5 Monument Sq. Portland, ME.  Room 316
5/21/05  Providence Public Library – 225 Washington St Providence RI (10:00-4:30)
5/27/05  Thompson Community Center – Corner of Rt. 131S & Rt. 17 Union, ME
6/17/05  Hutchinson Center – 90 Belmont Ave. Belfast, ME   Room 105
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SIGN with your BABY by Joseph Garcia
Wooden boat building and restoration:

The Hilltop Works is a family run boat shop.  Patrick Sebrey provides a haven for wooden boats from creation to restoration.
Infant and Children Sign Language Instruction:

All Day Workshops are geared to the parents, caregivers, and educators of preverbal children.  Research shows babies that sign have higher IQs, larger vocabularies, and increased self esteem.  ONE DAY can change your baby’s life FOREVER!
Wellness:  A State of Balance

Leann Sebrey RN is our Wellness Consultant and has been a nurse for 25 years.
Addressing health issues with an integrative approach, effective and comprehensive teaching and healing is offered.

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